The VW Golf family are certainly no strangers to awards and accolades, but this most recent honor was given to the Volkswagen e-Golf SE, which was named the “Top Green Vehicle” in the compact car segment from the 2017 AAA Green Car Guide. While the 2017 e-Golf will be hitting showrooms sometime this spring, we’re always happy to chat electric here at Prestige Volkswagen.



What Made the Volkswagen e-Golf SE Such a Winner Among Compact Cars?

The judging scored the 21 compact cars in the running along 13 different categories, some of which include slalom handling, visibility, EPA emissions, ride quality, and interior noise. Because the e-Golf hails from the VW Golf family, you know it dusted the competition in the slalom handling category, but the VW e-Golf outperformed the other 20 vehicles entirely, earning the right to call itself the “Top Green Car” in the compact vehicle segment, which is no small beans as the portion of Americans who want to “go green” continues to steadily grow.

“We are very happy that the e-Golf SE has been selected as the Top Green Vehicle in such a competitive segment,” said Hendrik Muth, Senior Vice President, Product Marketing & Strategy, Volkswagen of America, Inc. “The e-Golf embodies all of the great things inherently Volkswagen in an all-electric package.” —from a April 18, 2017 Volkswagen U.S. Press Release

“The Volkswagen e-Golf SE is proof that affordable battery-electric efficiency and sporty driving don’t have to be mutually exclusive,” said Megan McKernan, manager of the Automobile Club of Southern California’s Automotive Research Center. “The e-Golf’s ride quality, handling and quiet interior helped earn it a Top Green Vehicle Award in its category of the AAA Green Car Guide.” —from a April 18, 2017 Volkswagen U.S. Press Release

We’re still waiting for the 2017 e-Golf to hit showroom floors, but the anticipated release date is this spring, and spring has sprung, so the time is nigh. If you’ve been looking for an eco-friendly way to get to work, school, and anywhere else you need to go, take a page from the 2017 AAAA Green Car Guide and check out the Volkswagen e-Golf. Sporty handling and an all-electric powertrain? That’s the Volkswagen e-Golf—you might recognize it from watching it speed by any and all gas stations. Find yours right here at Prestige Volkswagen in Turnersville, NJ.

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