Taking care of any vehicle can be a stressful responsibility, and hardly anybody gets excited at the prospect of having to go in for regular service and maintenance. Luckily for Volkswagen owners, Volkswagen offers a care program that takes away many of the most common stresses and worries that come with owning a car.

These pre-paid maintenance plans increase the lifespan of your vehicle while bringing you peace of mind. Just drive your car into our Volkswagen dealership with this plan, and a technician will be able to give your car a checkup and perform scheduled maintenance that will keep your car running as efficiently as it can.

A Plan for Every Unique Washington Township Driver

Volkswagen's care packages come in two tiers. The first is the base Volkswagen Care Package. This package allows you to take your car in for scheduled maintenance after the first year of ownership or when you drive your first 10,000 miles with the car. Just be sure to bring it in whenever you hit the first of these milestones. An authorized Volkswagen dealer will be able to perform this maintenance for you, so you’ll know for sure that the mechanic will have the experience and qualifications to work on these high-quality models.

The Volkswagen Care Plus package takes care of your vehicle for an even longer amount of time. This plan lasts for five years instead of three. As a general rule of thumb, you can either bring your vehicle in once a year or every 10,000 miles. Programs like this are incredibly useful for some drivers, but it’s also important to be aware of the specific vehicle years and models that programs like this are available for. Regularly-scheduled maintenance is important, so Washington Township and Turnersville drivers should pay attention to their maintenance schedules.

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