2020 Volkswagen Atlas & Atlas Cross Sport in Turnersville, NJ

The All-New 2020 Atlas Cross Sport

If you've been looking at the Atlas as a fun ride with the features that improve your lifestyle, then there's little more to discuss. Some of you will be interested in this vehicle's close relative, the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport. The Atlas Cross Sport provides you with many of the same specs as the Atlas. Still, there are some major differences.

What is the Difference?

- Here are some comparative features of the Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport that you'll find at Prestige Volkswagen:

A Smaller Size

- The Cross Sport sits precisely 2.8 inches lower.

A Sloping Roofline

- This slope is better defined as a taper toward the rear. It gives the Cross Sport a more aerodynamic look.

Less Seating

- While the Atlas offers up to three rows of seats, the Cross Sport only has two.

- A Bit ShorterThe Atlas extends 5.2 inches longer than the Cross Sport.

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The Power of a Volkswagen Atlas in Your Hands

Are you in the market for a new vehicle? Have you had your eyes on the Volkswagen Atlas but looking to know more? At Prestige Volkswagen, we offer our Washington Township drivers the chance to learn more about the Volkswagen Atlas so that you can feel like you're making an informed decision. One thing is for sure with the Volkswagen Atlas is what it consistently does in entertaining the family; it equally achieves in performance and power.

From the golf course to the trails in and around Turnersville, Volkswagen created a range of flexibility. You won't have to get stuck in the snow in Philadelphia, PA, anymore, not with the help of the Volkswagen Atlas. Inclines and deep-mountain ridges are handled with ease through a four- or six-cylinder engine. Fun and serious; professional and classy are what make up all the potential within your next Volkswagen.

The Atlas-Changes from 2019 to 2020

There's a balance to be found if you enjoy what the Atlas offers but want as many options as possible. This years Volkswagen Atlas now comes standard with VW's Car-Net communications system and in-car Wi-Fi hotspot. There are a few other minor revisions to standard feature availability as well.

Atlas Performance

If you're looking for a sporty ride, the Volkswagen Atlas has a lot to offer. The sportier you are, the more stimulating this ride is. The Atlas' power and performance is best described as an all-out truck squeezed into a just-right package. Only the size seems manageable, for this vehicle's attitude could be more than you can handle. Take a closer look.

A 2.0-Liter Engine—This is just the start of your daily transmissions that makes your commutes to Sicklerville worth it. You can do that by revving up VW's patented engine. It's fun to hear this block's 235 horsepower contained in such an economical package.

3.6-Liter Blocks—Taking things up a solid notch is another potential before you. The V6 block releases with a steady output of 276 horsepower. The change from a four-cylinder into a V-engine mold makes a huge difference. Engine blocks that come in a V cast are designed for efficiency. As one chamber fills with a piston head, another is emptied to start its fuel combustion all over again. Keeping that cycle streamlined requires a block like this very option before you.

The Towing Capacity—This year's Atlas tows up to 5,000 pounds on demand. No delays and no hiccups are experienced along the way. You'll have the necessary peace of mind you need when hauling equipment to and from Deptford with numbers like these.

258 to 266 in Torque—Some of us love to play. Others actually need to engage the road with as much raw traction as they possibly can. Your road stability is established through the Atlas' choice of 258- or 266-pounds-feet of torque that reaches the wheelbase.

Atlas Interior

Your first objective, when you enter the Volkswagen Atlas, is to get comfortable, which you'll find is one of the easiest things to achieve within this vehicle. Fender—the legendary amplifier and guitar maker—provides this year's Atlas with its own Premium-Audio System. The crossover's 77.8-cubic feet of cargo space holds a competitive stance among many SUVs. Style was definitely the objective in offering you a two-tone, leather interior in black and burgundy. Enjoy it along with the Atlas' panoramic sunroof.

Atlas Safety Features

The built-in systems of safety are powered through sensory technology. These features consist of the following:

Crash Response The steps you need to take during a collision are automatically activated with this feature. The doors unlock, blinkers come on, and your fuel pump is quickly shut down.

Rearview Camera A horizontal view is given through this installed camera. It makes backing up so much easier. Post-Collision Braking Responsive sensors are placed over the brake calipers in case of an emergency. This system is helpful when your vehicle can't come to its own halt. 

Learn More and Test Drive a Volkswagen Atlas or Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Today

With engine specs and performance as roughly the same, there's no need to make a major compromise on power. Getting where you need to is a prospect that's always achieved in style-with either Volkswagen. Come into Prestige Volkswagen, and we can set you up with a test drive. When you arrive, we can talk more about which Atlas, color, or engine is ideal for you.

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